Polished Plaster Service Bournemouth
Polished Plaster Service Bournemouth

Lucidato Venetian Plaster:

An Italian plaster with a real "WOW" factor. Smooth to the touch with a luxurious high glossy shine, this Italian, Venetian polished plaster is truly amazing.

Lucidato is applied with 3 layers, either to produce movement, pattern and shine. 

Metallic stucco:

This product of a superior finishes is aimed at prestigious indoor decorations.

This highly decorative polished plaster has a soft satin finish, which shimmers with changes in light. Metallic stucco is available in gold, silver, bronze and copper.

Marmorino Stucco:

Italian plaster has been made to give a real natural look. This plaster can be used in several ways depending on the finish required. It might be finished in rustic, distressed style or even with a medium sheen.


Marmorino Classic:

Rich plaster that has a patterned and rustic apperance with obvious marble aggregate. The marble grains give this plaster a soft sheen and subtle tonal pattern to the finished plaster. 



Puntinato finish offers the movement of the Marmorino Limestone, Portland and Yorkstone plasters twinned with the smoothness of Lucidato, the plaster has either green or red  marble particles in it. This creates a beautiful finish.

Salt and Pepper:

Salt and Pepperis made from the same fine Grassello Paste as our Lucidato polished plaster but has the added shots of silver and black flecks. This makes this finish extremely popular and sort after. The plaster can also be coloured with any of colours from our charts.

Marmorino Limestone: 

Italian plaster has been created to give a natural look and feel to your walls. This plaster can be used in several ways depending on the finish required by the applicator. You can finish this plaster  in rustic, distressed style with medium sheen.





Venetian Polished Plaster may be applied on interior and exterior walls and ceilings.


Venetian Polished Plaster is suitable for use instead of tiles in wet rooms, shower cubicles and splash backs in the kitchen areas.



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